Here’s How YOU Can Help Fight ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease):

Making a difference has never been this easy! Just:

  1. Donate to the ALS Association.  Please donate whatever amount you’re able to give.
  2. Tweet an @reply to us on Twitter, something like this:

I just donated $25 to @TweetForALS to help raise $70k for ALS! #tweetforals

Tweeters, please note: be sure your tweet has both @TweetForALS (so that we see it) and #tweetforals (so others can see). Also, be sure to follow the Tweetforals Twitter stream to keep up on our drive to $70,000 and matching announcements, where someone will match your donation!

Don’t use Twitter? Don’t worry – your donation means just as much! Our goal is simply to raise money for ALS and we appreciate every cent. If you’re looking for other ways to help spread the word about our project, check out Ways to Spread the Word About ALS and get updated news with the Twitter stream on the right.

3 Ways YOU Can Help Spread the Word:

  1. Tweet an @reply to us on Twitter, then change your Facebook status to promote this cause for a day.
  2. facebook-logoEmail, text, and call your friends and family to tell them about this site.
  3. Talk to your coworkers and company and encourage people to join the effort.

twitter logoRegardless of which form you choose to spread the word, every effort helps us fight the disease that takes thousands of lives every year.  So help us use social media to spread the message and utilize our networks to raise 70k for ALS!